8MM COB Plus LED Strip

COB Plus LED Strip

IP65 protection

24V input

Soft lighting effects

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Model No. Cutting Wide Color Voltage Power Lumen IP Rating CRI
ZD-ST20V24-C24-PLUS8 50mm 8mm 2400K 24V 10W/M 1000LM/M IP65 >90Ra
ZD-ST20V24-C27-PLUS8 50mm 8mm 2700K 24V 10W/M 1000LM/M IP65 >90Ra
ZD-ST20V24-C30-PLUS8 50mm 8mm 3000K 24V 10W/M 1050LM/M IP65 >90Ra
ZD-ST20V24-C40-PLUS8 50mm 8mm 4000K 24V 10W/M 1070LM/M IP65 >90Ra
ZD-ST20V24-C50-PLUS8 50mm 8mm 5000K 24V 10W/M 1030LM/M IP65 >90Ra
ZD-ST20V24-C60-PLUS8 50mm 8mm 6000K 24V 10W/M 1050LM/M IP65 >90Ra
ZD-ST20V24-Cr-PLUS8 50mm 8mm Red 24V 10W/M 290LM/M IP65 ~~
ZD-ST20V24-Cg-PLUS8 50mm 8mm Green 24V 10W/M 680LM/M IP65 ~~
ZD-ST20V24-Cb-PLUS8 50mm 8mm Blue 24V 10W/M 130LM/M IP65 ~~
ZD-ST20V24-Cy-PLUS8 50mm 8mm Yellow 24V 10W/M 220LM/M IP65 ~~
ZD-ST20V24-Co-PLUS8 50mm 8mm Orange 24V 10W/M 270LM/M IP65 ~~
ZD-ST20V24-Cpk-PLUS8 50mm 8mm Pink 24V 10W/M 600LM/M IP65 ~~






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