Side View LED Strip

Side Emitting聽LED Strip

60LEDs/M, 84LEDs/M, 120LEDs/M and 156LEDs/M

12V and 24VDC

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1, Side view lighting, improved verion of 335 side view led strip.
2, CRI is from 80Ra-85Ra.
3, Super bright 3014 LED sources, up to 11-13lm each led.
4, The strip is cuttable per group.
5, DC24V or DC12V input, safe to use.
6, Top quality, 3-5 years warranty for choose.
7, 3M adhesive tape on the back, easy for installation.
8, Cool white/Pure White/Warm White are available.



Model No. LED Q’ty聽 IP20 Wide Color Voltage Power Lumen IP Rating CRI
ZD-FS3014SV-60WW 60LEDs/m 8mm 3000K 12V/24V 6W/M 500lm/m IP20-IP67 80-85Ra
ZD-FS3014SV-60PW 60LEDs/m 8mm 4000K 12V/24V 6W/M 530lm/m IP20-IP67 80-85Ra
ZD-FS3014SV-60W 60LEDs/m 8mm 6000K 12V/24V 6W/M 550lm/m IP20-IP67 80-85Ra
ZD-FS3014SV-84WW 84LEDs/m 10mm 3000K 24V 8W/M 650lm/m IP20-IP67 80-85Ra
ZD-FS3014SV-84PW 84LEDs/m 10mm 4000K 24V 8W/M 700lm/m IP20-IP67 80-85Ra
ZD-FS3014SV-84W 84LEDs/m 10mm 6000K 24V 8W/M 750lm/m IP20-IP67 80-85Ra
ZD-FS3014SV-120WW 120LEDs/m 8mm 3000K 12V/24V 12W/M 1000lm/m IP20-IP67 80-85Ra
ZD-FS3014SV-120PW 120LEDs/m 8mm 4000K 12V/24V 12W/M 1100lm/m IP20-IP67 80-85Ra
ZD-FS3014SV-120W 120LEDs/m 8mm 6000K 12V/24V 12W/M 1200lm/m IP20-IP67 80-85Ra
ZD-FS3014SV-156WW 156LEDs/m 10mm 3000K 24V 15W/M 1400lm/m IP20-IP67 80-85Ra
ZD-FS3014SV-156PW 156LEDs/m 10mm 4000K 24V 15W/M 1500lm/m IP20-IP67 80-85Ra
ZD-FS3014SV-156W 156LEDs/m 10mm 6000K 24V 15W/M 1600lm/m IP20-IP67 80-85Ra


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聽 聽 聽 IP67(silicone tube) led strip


聽 聽 聽 IP68 led strip

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