3014 LED Light Strip

SMD 3014聽LED

60LEDs/M, 70LEDs/M, 120LEDs/M, 140LEDs/M, 204LEDs/M and 240LEDs/M

12V and 24VDC

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1, Cool white/Pure White/Warm White are available.
2, CRI is from 80Ra-85Ra.
3, Super bright LED sources, up to 11-13lm each led.
4, The strip is cuttable per group.
5, DC24V or DC12V input, safe to use.
6, Top quality, 3-5 years warranty for choose.
7, 3M adhesive tape on the back, easy for installation.
8, Offer quick connector, easy to cut and connect the strip.



Model No. LED Q’ty聽 IP20 Wide Color Voltage Power Lumen IP Rating CRI
ZD-FS3014-60WW 60LEDs/m 8mm 3000K 12V/24V 7W/M 550lm/m IP20-IP67 80-85Ra
ZD-FS3014-60PW 60LEDs/m 8mm 4000K 12V/24V 7W/M 580lm/m IP20-IP67 80-85Ra
ZD-FS3014-60W 60LEDs/m 8mm 6000K 12V/24V 7W/M 600lm/m IP20-IP67 80-85Ra
ZD-FS3014-70WW 70LEDs/m 8mm 3000K 24V 7W/M 600lm/m IP20-IP67 80-85Ra
ZD-FS3014-70PW 70LEDs/m 8mm 4000K 24V 7W/M 630lm/m IP20-IP67 80-85Ra
ZD-FS3014-70W 70LEDs/m 8mm 6000K 24V 7W/M 650lm/m IP20-IP67 80-85Ra
ZD-FS3014-120WW 120LEDs/m 8mm 3000K 12V/24V 14W/M 1100lm/m IP20-IP67 80-85Ra
ZD-FS3014-120PW 120LEDs/m 8mm 4000K 12V/24V 14W/M 1200lm/m IP20-IP67 80-85Ra
ZD-FS3014-120W 120LEDs/m 8mm 6000K 12V/24V 14W/M 1300lm/m IP20-IP67 80-85Ra
ZD-FS3014-140WW 140LEDs/m 10mm 3000K 24V 14W/M 1300lm/m IP20-IP67 80-85Ra
ZD-FS3014-140PW 140LEDs/m 10mm 4000K 24V 14W/M 1400lm/m IP20-IP67 80-85Ra
ZD-FS3014-140W 140LEDs/m 10mm 6000K 24V 14W/M 1500lm/m IP20-IP67 80-85Ra
ZD-FS3014-204WW 204LEDs/m 10mm 3000K 12V/24V 20W/M 1900lm/m IP20-IP67 80-85Ra
ZD-FS3014-204PW 204LEDs/m 10mm 4000K 12V/24V 20W/M 2200lm/m IP20-IP67 80-85Ra
ZD-FS3014-204W 204LEDs/m 10mm 6000K 12V/24V 20W/M 2400lm/m IP20-IP67 80-85Ra
ZD-FS3014-240WW 240LEDs/m 10mm 3000K 12V/24V 24W/M 2300lm/m IP20-IP67 80-85Ra
ZD-FS3014-240PW 240LEDs/m 10mm 4000K 12V/24V 24W/M 2500lm/m IP20-IP67 80-85Ra
ZD-FS3014-240W 240LEDs/m 10mm 6000K 12V/24V 24W/M 2700lm/m IP20-IP67 80-85Ra


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聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽IP65(glue coating) led strip 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽


聽 聽 聽 IP67(silicone tube) led strip


聽 聽 聽 IP68 led strip

LED Strip Connector:




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